Division 1
Bad Influence8
White N' Nerdy9

Run It Up14
The Mad Hatter3

Nuttin' Butt a Dart Thang8
3 Dart Out9

Kim's Misfits6
Just Us11

Division 2
Dart and Hammered8
Yes, Captain Obvious9

Insane Dart Posse4
Eat 'em Up13

Jive Turkeys6
Who Darted?11

Four Dart Out9
Limp Tips8

Division 4
Game of Throws3
Texas Misfits10

Cool Arrows8
Frankie's Late5

Bitches & Bulls13
Wrecking Crew0

Left it on the PorchBYE

2014 Season C

Mid-Season TournamentEnd-Season Tournament
Saturday, January 10, 2015 6:00 PMSaturday, February 28, 2015 5:00 PM
Cypress LoungeCrazy Frogs Bar & Grill
11945 Barwood Bend Dr13703 West Rd
(281) 897-9357(281) 807-5003

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Latest News and Announcements

Week 3 Stats
July 13, 2014
Stats for the week are posted. Please contact the treasurer with any questions or corrections. There is question on stats for a game in Div 4. We will update after resolution.

Score Sheet reminders
November 02, 2014
A few reminders that help us with the data entry. Players splitting games? Be sure to mark which game the players switched. Have a sub playing? Please be sure to put the last name on the page. Thanks for your help!