Division 1
Bad Influence9
3 Dart Out8

Run it Up5
White N' Nerdy12

Da S.H.I.T.12
Kim's Misfits5

Division 2
Dart and Hammered11
Limp Tips6

Our Nemesis12
Who Darted?5

Bad Darts, More Shots9
Show us your Tips8

Division 3
Cowboy Fans5
Projectile Dysfunction12

Not in Our House10
Texas Misfits7

Victorious Secret9
Froget Crazy Bulls8

Division 4
Off Constantly2

Cool Arrows7
Left it on the Porch6

Last Minute9
Beer Before Bullseyes4

2015 Season A

Mid-Season TournamentEnd-Season Tournament
Saturday, May 09, 2015 6:00 PMSaturday, July 11, 2015 5:00 PM
JJ'sJB's Pub & Grill
4505 N. Highway 69110 Jones Rd
(281) 859-2712(281) 890-4919

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Latest News and Announcements

Week 15 Stats
June 27, 2015
Thank you ALL for a wonderful season! I hope you had fun. We will be off for a few weeks - enjoy yourself and come back soon. Sign ups will be announced soon - Either July 15 or 22. We will know more after the Bar Owner meeting on the 1st.

Bar Owner's Meeting
June 16, 2015
Our next Bar Owner's meeting will be Wednesday, July 1st @ 7:00 pm. - Stay tuned for location information.