Players must play at least 65% of the games to qualify for individual awards.

John TippettKim's Wreckin' Krew2222491.67%
Justin GreenhawSuper Frogs1862475.00%
Keith WestSuper Frogs2483275.00%
Linda ChambersTrippin' Ain't Easy1862475.00%
Tommy BrunnerKim's Wreckin' Krew1862475.00%
Jason ZaisTrippin' Ain't Easy1772470.83%
Jose LimaTrippin' Ain't Easy1772470.83%
Steven CookKim's Wreckin' Krew1772470.83%
Diamond MencosGame of Throws22103268.75%
Ande DawkinsKim's Wreckin' Krew1592462.50%
David BrattinSuper Frogs18143256.25%
J.R. BellMultiple Scorgasms15173246.88%
Thomas HillmanGame of Throws15173246.88%
Kevin LewisMultiple Scorgasms12203237.50%
Bruce VarneyGame of Throws11213234.38%
Heather BellMultiple Scorgasms10223231.25%
Arturo HernandezSpace City Darts9233228.13%
Arthur JonesSpace City Darts8243225.00%
Christina FultonSpace City Darts6182425.00%
Yvette RamosGame of Throws8243225.00%
Chad DodsonMultiple Scorgasms4202416.67%
Rodney CorollaSpace City Darts5273215.63%

Steve Young (Sub)Trippin' Ain't Easy1331681.25%
Alan Peebles (Sub)Multiple Scorgasms62875.00%
Adam EilerTrippin' Ain't Easy53862.50%
Barbara SalazarSuper Frogs971656.25%
Nick HaysSuper Frogs35837.50%
Terri Pirdy (Sub)Super Frogs6101637.50%
Kristin HaneySpace City Darts17812.50%
Anita KanzlerTrippin' Ain't Easy0000.00%
Brian Defates (Sub)Space City Darts0000.00%