Players must play at least 65% of the games to qualify for individual awards.

Zach HolemanScratch Ur Bulls2483275.00%
Shannon CarpenterLast Minute2393271.88%
Brian GoodfellowLeft it on the Porch22103268.75%
Curt LyonLast Minute22103268.75%
Lenny PecucciLeft it on the Porch21113265.63%
Mike FoxStraight Bent21113265.63%
Chris BeckLast Minute19133259.38%
Ken LukasikWhat's the Point13112454.17%
Fernando VillanuevaScratch Ur Bulls15132853.57%
Anthony Covert3 Darts 1 hole16163250.00%
David IllanneScratch Ur Bulls16163250.00%
Tom HauptWhat's the Point15173246.88%
Bruce BradenLeft it on the Porch11132445.83%
Frances MadaryLast Minute11132445.83%
Ken Patterson3 Darts 1 hole11132445.83%
Jeanee FryerWhat's the Point13193240.63%
Bob DrewWhat's the Point12203237.50%
Della VillanuevaScratch Ur Bulls9152437.50%
Desiree MolickLeft it on the Porch9152437.50%
Jeff NewmanStraight Bent12203237.50%
Jose NietoStraight Bent9152437.50%
Miranda EmbryStraight Bent10223231.25%
Ryan Keith3 Darts 1 hole9233228.13%
Laura Baxter3 Darts 1 hole7253221.88%

Helen Aaron (Sub)Scratch Ur Bulls71887.50%
Justin Aaron (Sub)Scratch Ur Bulls31475.00%
Kat CarpenterLast Minute62875.00%
Mark Henderson (Sub)Left it on the Porch62875.00%
Cory Derden (Sub)3 Darts 1 hole44850.00%
Jeanette Cole (Sub)Left it on the Porch44850.00%
Jon Wilson (Sub)Straight Bent26825.00%
Sean Danshirt (Sub)What's the Point26825.00%
Galvis Watkins3 Darts 1 hole0000.00%