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Helen AaronScratch Ur Bulls397.00197
Heather BellMultiple Scorgasms183.00183
Justin GreenhawSuper Frogs180.002140
Jorge OrmenoPointless277.50283
Jose LimaTrippin' Ain't Easy173.002110
Jason ZaisTrippin' Ain't Easy168.00168
Raul GonzalesHeadshots266.205108
David BrattinSuper Frogs165.20593
Keith WestSuper Frogs162.50699
Grant SpearmanDrive By Shooters260.00160
Nikki BrannonDarts & Daggers260.00160
Susan DoughertyHeadshots260.00160
Ande DawkinsKim's Wreckin' Krew159.33399
Terri BrownMissed Again253.00153
Tommy BrunnerKim's Wreckin' Krew150.003114
Mark HendersonLeft it on the Porch350.00283
Jeremy DoughertyHeadshots249.605111
Brian GoodfellowLeft it on the Porch348.67374
J.R. BellMultiple Scorgasms147.805125
Lisa PhillipsSuicide Squad247.00147
Curt LyonLast Minute345.805112
John TippettKim's Wreckin' Krew145.33697
Fernando VillanuevaScratch Ur Bulls345.00262
Linda ChambersTrippin' Ain't Easy143.33395
Kat CarpenterLast Minute343.00143
Jose NietoStraight Bent342.50263
Jason LindPointless241.33368
Tommy RobinsonSuicide Squad238.60557
Arturo HernandezSpace City Darts138.50255
Marvin WishertBad Habits238.00261
Diamond MencosGame of Throws136.50480
Bruce VarneyGame of Throws136.33361
Lenny PecucciLeft it on the Porch336.25472
Thomas HillmanGame of Throws135.25485
Adam EilerTrippin' Ain't Easy135.00369
Miranda EmbryStraight Bent334.50235
Dean SavoyDrive By Shooters234.00238
Jim HendricksenSuicide Squad234.00134
Kevin LewisMultiple Scorgasms133.00351
Shannon CarpenterLast Minute332.80581
Ryan KeyDarts & Daggers232.67681
Desiree MolickLeft it on the Porch332.67340
Chris BeckLast Minute332.50245
Zac HallMissed Again232.33680
Barbara SalazarSuper Frogs132.00132
Bob DrewWhat's the Point330.00660
Steven CookKim's Wreckin' Krew130.00240
Josh ZimmerDarts & Daggers230.00130
Cory Derden3 Darts 1 hole329.50249
David IllanneScratch Ur Bulls327.25448
Essene GarciaPointless226.00244
Jon WilsonStraight Bent326.00126
Jeff NewmanStraight Bent325.00234
Rodney CorollaSpace City Darts125.00125
Randy BraughtonDrive By Shooters224.00240
Tom HauptWhat's the Point324.00241
Amy Jo WaltmonBad Habits223.00338
Mike FoxStraight Bent322.75460
Anthony Covert3 Darts 1 hole322.50440
Joe JonesHeadshots222.00342
Shannon PhillipsSuicide Squad222.00230
Ken LukasikWhat's the Point321.00336
Alan PeeblesMultiple Scorgasms120.00120
Michael ManuelMissed Again218.00118
Steve YoungTrippin' Ain't Easy117.25440
Arthur JonesSpace City Darts116.00116
Brad BlueMissed Again216.00116
Frankie AluottoDarts & Daggers216.00116
Carlo CagnaDarts & Daggers212.00112
Bobby TedderBad Habits210.00110
Robert GarzaPointless28.0018
Jeanette ColeLeft it on the Porch34.0014
Ken Patterson3 Darts 1 hole31.0011