Home team on left

Week 1

1Multiple Scorgasms11Space City Darts6
1Game of Throws5Kim's Wreckin' Krew12
1Super Frogs7Trippin' Ain't Easy10
2Headshots12Drive By Shooters5
2Darts & Daggers11Bad Habits6
2Missed Again12Suicide Squad5
3Straight Bent3Scratch Ur Bulls14
3Last Minute133 Darts 1 hole4
3Left it on the Porch9What's the Point8

Week 2

1Super Frogs13Multiple Scorgasms4
1Trippin' Ain't Easy10Game of Throws7
1Kim's Wreckin' Krew13Space City Darts4
2Headshots10Darts & Daggers7
2Drive By Shooters8Pointless9
2Suicide SquadBYE
2Bad Habits6Missed Again11
3Left it on the Porch8Straight Bent9
3What's the Point7Last Minute10
33 Darts 1 hole7Scratch Ur Bulls10

Week 3

1Multiple Scorgasms3Kim's Wreckin' Krew14
1Game of Throws8Super Frogs9
1Space City Darts2Trippin' Ain't Easy15
2Darts & Daggers6Drive By Shooters11
2Missed Again5Headshots12
2Bad HabitsBYE
2Pointless9Suicide Squad8
3Straight Bent113 Darts 1 hole6
3Last Minute9Left it on the Porch8
3Scratch Ur Bulls10What's the Point7

Week 4

1Multiple Scorgasms6Game of Throws11
1Super Frogs14Space City Darts3
1Kim's Wreckin' KrewTrippin' Ain't EasyRescheduled
2Drive By Shooters12Missed Again5
2Darts & Daggers10Pointless7
2Bad Habits7Suicide Squad10
3Straight Bent7Last Minute10
3Left it on the Porch11Scratch Ur Bulls6
33 Darts 1 hole9What's the Point8